Turn coordinates into a readable address

Get rich locality information about the users' location from their geographical coordinates.

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Reverse Geocoding API

Reverse Geocoding API Package Features

Fast response time

Fast Response Time

Lightning-fast (sub-millisecond) API response time

Superior accuracy

Superior Accuracy

The most accurate  administrative/non-administrative boundaries-based reverse geocoder

Global coverage

Global Coverage

Full global coverage, including seas and oceans

Postal code

Postal Code

Full postal code level accuracy for the US, Great Britain, and Australia (partial for other countries)

Timezone info

Timezone Info

Detailed timezone information based on geocoordinates 

Country info

Country Info

Accurate Continent, country and city-level location data

Language support

Language Support

Detailed locality information of a user in 147 common world languages



Supports large concurrent API requests without comprising a response time 

Reverse Geocoding package contains the following APIs

GET /data/timezone-by-location
This API returns the same result as the Time Zone Info API but for the supplied geolocation coordina ...
GET /data/reverse-geocode
Today, our smart devices can locate our geo-coordinates in real-time and with a high level of accura ...
GET /data/reverse-geocode-with-timezone
The Reverse geocoding with Timezone API provides a combined output version of the Reverse Geocoding ...

Flexible pricing options that scale with your needs

All the plans provide full access to all the APIs listed above. The pricing is based only on the volume of API consumption. Regardless of which APIs you use, the monthly API limit applies to the sum of all the successful API calls made for that month. You can review your current API usage in your account's dashboard.

Get 2 months free on yearly subscription.

Reverse Geocoding API Package Benefits

Better user experience

Better User Experience 

Deliver a better user experience by leveraging users’ GPS data or HTML 5 Geolocation data in your mobile apps or websites. 

Monitor physical assets

Monitor Physical Assets

Monitor and keep track of moving physical assets (fleet, IoT devices etc) by translating their GPS position to a readable address with BigDataCloud’s accurate and fast reverse geocoding service.


Hyper local Marketing

Hyper-local Marketing

Generate higher revenue and user engagement by launching hyperlocal marketing communication and campaigns on the web/mobile.

Prevent online fraud

Prevent Online Fraud

Prevent online fraud, spam and cyberattacks by utilising the users' real-time location coordinates to validate user information, online transactions and interactions.


Better complaince

Better Compliance

Comply with different territorial rules/regulations and prevent lawsuits by implementing robust geoblocking that utilises users' real-time geocoordinates (online games, digital content copyrights etc).


Privacy Friendly apps

Privacy-Friendly Apps

With BigDataCloud's admin-level boundary-based reverse geocoding, you can ensure that you do not accidentally breach users' privacy and become complaints with state laws.