What map data sources you use for Reverse geocoding and IP geolocation?

Last Updated: July 4, 2022

The geographical location information available on BigDataCloud API is based on a proprietary designed dataset and ultrafast geo-resolver technology. 

We do not make use of third-party search engines, such as Nominatim.

We would like to acknowledge and thank the following organisations and data sources for taking an important part in our data building process:

  1. OpenStreetMap (OSM) project  (https://www.openstreetmap.org/)
  2. Wikidata (https://www.wikidata.org/)
  3. Natural Earth (https://www.naturalearthdata.com/)
  4. United States Census Bureau (https://www.census.gov/)
  5. Australian Bureau of Statistics (https://www.abs.gov.au/)
  6. OpenDoorLogistics (https://www.opendoorlogistics.com)
  7. The World Bank (https://www.worldbank.org/)
  8. ISO standards (https://www.iso.org/)
  9. The United Nations Statistics Division (https://unstats.un.org/home/)